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Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) - August 12, 2019

So... its HOLIDAY!

That window, I close the curtain every time I start to work because the sun shinning through that wall gives 3x shines and heat inside my room. :)

Anyway, today I'm letting the sun shine IN... started my day a bit late... around 0700 instead of quarter to 0600 and usually I just rest and watch Netflix... but today... I am studying Amazon Advertising...

Inspired by someone who asked me:
"I see you're Google Adwords Specialist before ... Have you tried Amazon Advertising?"

In my mind was like... really! there is also Amazon Advertising? I thought that Amazon website was covered by Google Ads... but hmmm interesting... so its like Fb Ads... runs in Facebook platforms and Ebay Ads and Amazon Ads runs on their own websites, right!

Well I replied:
I haven't tried Amazon Ads... but will explore on it..

and the person was like:
oh I think you get by on it pretty quick, cause the hardest Ads to manipulate is Google!

I was thinking...
Not really sure about that statement... to be honest... Google is the easiest for me... because you can manually control everything to the last details and settings...

For example in Fb Ads... in my experience, some can't be controlled like the spent per keyword, and how to show the keywords = will it be broad, phrase or exact match, Fb is like showing it All Broad Match! The only thing you can control is Demographics!
NOT ALL kinds of business can be done in Facebook Ads.. it is just so hard to explain in some client, they insist of running Fb Ads and when you tell them honestly = you won't get that expected sales in there with your kind of market... and the reply you receive is... well I think your not good enough in marketing!
oh ok fine ... :)

In marketing the number ONE RULE is to know your AUDIENCE and TARGET MARKET.

Not all platforms offer the same audiences, so be very specific, specially if you're into uptight budget.

I remember the very first client assigned to me in Google Ads, the business was Trucking.. he owns a trucking business in USA that runs cargo from certain state to specified different state... the Ads was hiring License Truck Driver... during that time I was not yet a Google Adwords certified ... but because I was interested to learn... I read the Google Adwords manual... (^_^)
yeah its a good sleeping pills for me...
Really! During those times there was not much Video Tutorials most was explained in TEXT... and if a video tutorials was given.. the speaker words were in marketing language, technical Acronym "KPI", "CTR", "CPC", "Impression", etc...


... not to mention the calculation ... with formula given... to 30.4 and etc...
ahahaha gives me the headache!

... it took me months and months to get the hang of it... also I need to learn the client target market "licensed truck driver" ...
Well I do not know a single thing about Driver's License!

Then learned that there are different kinds of Driver License in USA!
oh my! oh my!

That's when I realize the client Adwords account is a messed because all the keywords he is trying to target are all wrong!
No wonder he is spending more than 5k USD a month in Adwords...

When I deactivated the wrong campaigns and created a new one... during the first month the 5k plus becomes 4k... then on 2nd month it becomes 3k... till the 3rd month it becomes 1.5k monthly spending.
And the Ads were delivering well the client have lots of license driver applied to his company...

It happens in span of time 1 to 3 months.. Proper daily/weekly analysis and adjusting the targeted keywords... it never happens that instantly!

Usually in Adwords... when the settings are right in Search Ads, everything follows...
Search ads have the most competitive algorithm = and the cheapest!

Anyway, I need to get back in learning Amazon Ads... LOLs


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