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Six Years in Eversun Software Phils. Corp.

Happy 6th Anniversary!

How do I start my writing?

hmmm maybe a recap of what happened since I became 6 years old in Eversun Software Phils. Corp. All about my six years in working, I didn't feel that long it seem just three years. Maybe its because I don't look at it as "work" but hobbies. So here are some summary of what happened recently;
In the month of April: the contract on my last client (start with letter Y) has ended. And, ever since May my task are different from web developer. Sir Danny put me as project manager to his projects. I'm not handling one project at the time but three or four sometimes. Most of the time, I don't have chance to really absorb all the project details. But I'm coping.

I have been handling so many agents from different branches including China whew! that was the hardest one cause most Chinese can't speak English very well, I need to extend my patience in explaining the instructions and understanding their English. whe…