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Do It Now ASAP!

I'm busy today with the client tasks grrrr he really got into my nerves this morning.
Well the client gave me this ASAP tasks with so unclear instructions! I keep on clarifying, asking him clear questions but he still reply unclear. Even ask the supervisor help, "am i missing something here, read his email cause I really can't understand it..." she just replied something like "well just ask him again and again to complete the instructions..."

So i have no choice but to remain calm and act everything are fine cause he is a customer of the company.
I was about to loose my temper, i really hate that line "I want this all to be done now ASAP!" and then with only one sentence instruction...

ice9web solutions: I walked out of my station and went to the rest room and prayed, wanted to cry but I can't, when I got back to the computer, I took early lunch as I usually do cause no time to spend my 15-mins morning break between 9:00am to 11:40am as th…