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My 5th Year Anniversary at Eversun Software Philippines Corp. (Agents Of Value)

It was funny this morning I don't remember the day or date. When I was about to put on the date in my daily report around 5pm I notice "oh its June 29, Friday!"
hmmm the same date and day I started working with Eversun Software Philippines Corp. Its really a coincidence same date and day!

The first day of work shift I had is still fresh in my memory, hired to be the first web developer working at night shift (there were already two day shift developer that time) and I was oriented by CNSQ, He was the developer in day shift, only arrange to be 1 month night shift just to orient me of the company rules, and familiarize the process in dealing with client.

Kuya Mike was the first one to greet me and said to write my name in that log book everytime I go In and Out of the office.. I remember I logged-in exactly 10:00pm using the log book.
When Kuya Mike told me "I think this will be your working PC". And so I sat there, and wait for further instructions. Right there and there Cesar told me if you have yahoo ID log in to it. And also to skype. I said yes..

Of course that time I was very nervous I don't know who am I chatting with, he is an American (just by assuming with his surname). And ask me to edit the image (he gave me the details what to edit) and change it on the site right away, can I do that?
I said ok . I ask for FTP details and change it. He was impressed and never thought I changed it so fast. And ask me where I worked, what sites I have handled etc... And so I gave him the link of Maryknoll Language and Culture site and other sites I have made for friends.

Jehzlau was chatting to me that time He asks me how I am, told him "its so quiet here nobody is speaking", he ask "how many of us", I said 5, he said oh that's normal (kasi kunti kayo at night shift din) and I ask some few tips from him cause that time I'm not familiar with Dreamweaver FTP...

Anyway I still remember everything. It seem it was just like 5 months ago. Things happen so fast, there are dramas and challenges. Including awards.

First Batch of SEO Graduation Day

Sir Danny is my inspiration to give my best in all of his clients because He believes in me and knows what kind of clients that have been given to me.

I'm thankful that the owner of this company is so understanding, considerate, helpful and thoughtful.

To all the officemates I have been with (recent and those who had career moved) thank you for touching my life.

Each person may touch our heart and teaches us to be strong in our life journey.

ANC in Careers


  1. Nice! :D The good old days. hehehe :D Thanks sa mention Ice! :D hehe


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