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How install the KML in Site and Add GeoSitemap

register to this site

add the business name, address, phone number etc..
and then follow those instructions on the site
make sure to link the location.kml at the footer as like this:

See Us On Google Earth
these codes are inserted in sidebar widget:
Bellaire Plumber Inc.We have professional Bellaire Plumbing, contact us now (713) 909-3913 and get 15% off when you contact us online.
5124 Bissonnet St #181
Phone: (713) 909-3913

Do It Now ASAP!

I'm busy today with the client tasks grrrr he really got into my nerves this morning.
Well the client gave me this ASAP tasks with so unclear instructions! I keep on clarifying, asking him clear questions but he still reply unclear. Even ask the supervisor help, "am i missing something here, read his email cause I really can't understand it..." she just replied something like "well just ask him again and again to complete the instructions..."

So i have no choice but to remain calm and act everything are fine cause he is a customer of the company.
I was about to loose my temper, i really hate that line "I want this all to be done now ASAP!" and then with only one sentence instruction...

ice9web solutions: I walked out of my station and went to the rest room and prayed, wanted to cry but I can't, when I got back to the computer, I took early lunch as I usually do cause no time to spend my 15-mins morning break between 9:00am to 11:40am as th…

KINDNESS is it really hard to GIVE?

People can achieve so much with kindness, but are we willing to use our good heart sincerely?
Willing to let go of our need to constantly compete with others and try to be better than they are? What about being better than yourself? Have you ever considered this option?

“Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are.” ~ Author Unknown


My 5th Year Anniversary at Eversun Software Philippines Corp. (Agents Of Value)

It was funny this morning I don't remember the day or date. When I was about to put on the date in my daily report around 5pm I notice "oh its June 29, Friday!"
hmmm the same date and day I started working with Eversun Software Philippines Corp. Its really a coincidence same date and day!