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Day 3 of 2011 Happy New Year

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - A Day at The Works SetFirst day of work for this year, I woke up early before my alarm set but it's too dark and cold, raining with cold air that makes me want to go back to sleep.

Then my alarm woke me up but still it's dark and cold. I prayed and read my Bible, then start to get ready.

The coldness chill my body upon taking a bath, I am shivering and finish it as fast as I can.

Upon traveling to work, I notice there were few Jeep in the streets like it was still on holiday. Where is everybody I asked myself. Oh well since there were few vehicles on the streets and the school I passed by has no class yet. My travel time was faster than expected. And to top it all when I arrived at work, I thought it would be around 7:48am but I log-in at 7:38am, wow! Am I too early or the clock was late?

I have a new set of tasks routine. It was more on website administering to all the 56 sites I develope. Then SEO and (SEM) Search Engine Marketing . It's not new to me, but the client introduces some strategies and made me curious (I have to do more research).

Over all, Thank God for the blessed day! (^_^)

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