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ice9web 2010 Year End At Work

December 30, Thursday is our last day of work for 2010

As usual only a handful of agents are left working. The ones left are those without Vacation Leave left :(
I'm one of them!

Oh Well!

its ok! we decided to have a small party2x (^_^) weeeiii!

Eversun Software Philippines Corp. 2010 AOV Christmas Party


Happy Halloween 2010 (^_^)

Halloween small party in Eversun Software Phils. Corp.

with my all white dress

Thank God I won! (^_^)

Happy Araw ng Dabaw 2010

Best in Attendance

This post does not intend to boast but just for the fact that I do not have anything to post so I guess I will just post here a picture I took where I was so surprise cause my name was in our best attendance bulletin board...

So just for remembrance here is the picture: (^_^) Thank You Lord!


Cup Cake Template Design

Cool Desktop Bump Top

Just take a look on this video I found... awesome 3D desktop with four walls... amazing tool to use if you have a large memory PC... click