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SEO Refresher Course

SEO Refresher Course
I'm at the office right now, fortunately Chris Sandberg and Claire Bretana discusses some important points for our SEO Refresher Course and so far these are the topics:

On pages
Off pages
Page Ranks
Trust Rank
Total Link values
Link to the most who have the authority as anytime they link to other sites they can pass the authority too.

Ideal link is the link to own site, Google value site related to own topics.

Do not link to FREE TO ALL LINKS as the link are devalued.

Anchor text - is very important it can be use as keywords.

SEO Refresher Course
Relatively few outbound in each pages is good.

Link to pages that has been indexed and ranked.

The value of the link are: SEO, rank, trust = total link value

never link to No follow attribute.

Leverage of content for link building:
Exchange link
Article submission
Guest Blogging / content exchange
Deep Linking
Social Media sites

Creating content use 400 words with unique content never copy paste. Make your content more authority just in case it is being duplicate your content won't be disregard by Google.

Link bait is very good. as you don't need to build links in order to have page rank.
to link bait means to let them link you without you asking them. This can be done by giving very good content on your blog and making it all unique and interesting.

We also tackle site analysis, how to know what needs to be done in improving website for SEO.

We were given a FREE Lunch from Dencios and snacks from Jollibee
And then afterwards Certificate with CD (^_^)
I can say this was one of the best training we got from Eversun Software Philippines Corporation.

Thank you!

SEO Refresher Course

SEO Refresher Course

SEO Refresher Course

SEO Refresher Course

ANC in Careers, SEO Refresher Course



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