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Eden Nature Park Remembrance

Feb. 08, 2008

Eden Nature Park remembrance I will never forget.
Eden Nature Park can be dangerous if you're not watching your every steps. When we were touring the 60-hectares and was at Tinubuan falls [@ picture...]

After taking this picture I slipped (Y_Y)
Eden Nature Park Remembrance, Aice with Dad
I wasn't aware that we shouldn't be stopping there but the shuttle did stop and we took some pictures, when I step near the falls the ground was fine and not slippery but when I was going on side and step my crutches near the statue I slipped right away in an instant I hit my chin on the ground. And realize it was full of algae and soft soil. The tourist guide never gave us any warning like "this is not a stop point because the ground here's very slippery" all I heard was "hurry up, take pictures".

Tourist guide should know better of the entire Eden Nature Park since that's there main job on the first place.

To top it all NO FIRST AID was at hand with the tourist guide nor in their shuttle to think Eden Nature Park can be dangerous in when your in the tour (middle of the forest like park!).

It's my first time there so I really had no idea. From what I saw in the net the place was safe but I heard that there were many accidents.

For those reading this I would advice that you carry your own first aid if ever you visit this nice dangerous place.

Eden Nature Park Remembrance

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  1. I always carry emergencies on my little bag like first aid alcohol, bandaid, wipes, etc...

    We finish the tour before I was given a true first aid from the office of Eden Nature Park, the tourist guide name I can't never forget even her face.

    Well she is really not that bad that's why for privacy reason I will not mention her name here. She was also worried and concern about me that after the tour she hurried to get betadine, cotton, gauze bandage, and tape and gave it to my sister.

    Then again at that kind of place the management and administration should provide first aid to all thier tourist guide and they must also undergo first aid training. Take this seriously my aunt told me her co teacher had a dislocate waist because of the bad fall from slide.

    I wasn't the only one who slide even the teenager who was with us fell. Overall my remembrance from Eden Nature Park are laceration at the chin that cause me to have 3 stitches and hematoma on my right knee. That took me a week to completely recovered (Y_Y)


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