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To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From PainWhat if I came across to my greatest enemy in college days, Will she still be still arrogant or (soplada)? Will she even look in my face to reply when I smile to say "hello"?

Tuesday January 6, 2009 was one of the most surprising days in our life -Joy and me.
We went to Gaisano Mall as planned days before, when we were about to enter the grocery I saw our classmate Maria Fe she is one of our group friends in college. We talk and stayed since both of us me and Joy was not in a hurry, we decided to stay with her while waiting for her Kuya Dik. Maria Fe is pregnant and due to give birth on the 4th week of this month.

While we were talking, Joy saw Madel... ok a short recap about Madel, we were good friends until when she always emphasize (chismis) the little mistakes I do, and she's soplada and maldita, we can't get along very well and so I marked her as the only 1 greatest enemy in our school. I even thought of her as she doesn't exist in my sight so to never mind her or even look at her face, because I despise her bad character/attitude since 1st yr. till 3rd yr. we didn't talk. On few months before our graduation she talked to me privately asked for forgiveness but since "the mark" I have given to her in my mind/heart was really harden, I told her, I may say "I have forgiven you" but I really can't forget specially the hurt I even explain "I treated you and even count you as my true friend para kasi yung treatment mo sakin ay yung pako sa kahoy Madel, kapag tinusok mo sa kahoy hindi na maalis or heal ang butas kahit inalis mo na ang pako" we both cried in our heart to heart talk. Then we parted ways after our graduation, we never saw each other again.
I learned for the past months from my true Christian friends that when you forgive you must also forget and let Lord God heal the hurt so to let go the pain of the past. . .Yes it is hard to forget but with the help of Lord God we can endure.

I must admit it does not take overnight to be healed from past pain. But if we let the Holy Spirit to heal us through our prayers it is a process of healing.
My Christian friends told me when I'm healed, I will be tested so be prepared. They are right. I was tested. . .

When I saw Madel, I didn't remember a single negative vibes in my heart/mind, all I wanted to do is to know "How's her life" we were like "good old friends who met accidentally" (surprising noh!) Joy was happy to witness us truly reconcile and she said when Madel and I hug each other "erase na ang past, new life for both of us gyud nakita niya" .
At the back of my mind I was thinking "sayang pala talaga, sana ako naging ninang ng anak niya".

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

For all the hurt I have encountered with friendship it was Madel who gave me so much pain the rest didn't come close.

I still have two persons both of them used to be an office mates also close and ended up not well, they have resign, I wanted to talk to them and ask for forgiveness of my actions that made them acted the way they do, hopefully they have also forgotten and has been healed from the pain I caused.

Oh I just realize both of them also started with letter “M” as in Madel! Waa what a coincidence!

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain



  1. Very interesting article. Glad to visit your blog again. Good Luck for you.

  2. Thank you Daryo Tabayani Siampa (^_^)


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