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List of 2009 Working and None working Holidays

I'm really curious for this year proclaimed holidays specially the SPECIAL NONE WORKING holidays (^_^) do you want to know those holidays that the MalacaƱang has released?
all you have to do is read...
Proclamation No. 1669 signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last December 24 — could still be amended, meaning more "holiday economics" announcements from the administration.

Businessmen, many of whom were surprised when Mrs. Arroyo extended the recent holiday break by adding January 2, 2009 at the last minute, welcomed the list. They urged the government, however, to be more circumspect.

Based on the proclamation, the following are this year’s 2009 regular holidays:

* April 9 (Maundy Thursday);
* April 10 (Good Friday);
* April 6 (the Monday nearest to April 9 which is Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor);
* May 1 (Labor Day);
* June 12 (Independence Day);
* August 31 (National Heroes Day);
* November 30 (Bonifacio Day);
* December 25 (Christmas Day); and
* December 30 (Rizal Day…

To Forgive is To Forget and Be Healed From Pain

What if I came across to my greatest enemy in college days, Will she still be still arrogant or (soplada)? Will she even look in my face to reply when I smile to say "hello"?

Tuesday January 6, 2009 was one of the most surprising days in our life -Joy and me.
We went to Gaisano Mall as planned days before, when we were about to enter the grocery I saw our classmate Maria Fe she is one of our group friends in college. We talk and stayed since both of us me and Joy was not in a hurry, we decided to stay with her while waiting for her Kuya Dik. Maria Fe is pregnant and due to give birth on the 4th week of this month.

While we were talking, Joy saw Madel...ok a short recap about Madel, we were good friends until when she always emphasize (chismis) the little mistakes I do, and she's soplada and maldita, we can't get along very well and so I marked her as the only 1 greatest enemy in our school. I even thought of her as she doesn't exist in my sight so to never mind her …

Taboan in Matina Town Square-MTS

December 29, 2008
Weeeiii! at last, after visiting the Peoples Park I saw my ex-officemate Jayson Albano performing live at Taboan in MTS, for so long time I wanted to see him live but as usual its either I forgot or we have work on the next day which I can't stay long night jamming outside... Anyway December 29, 2008 since it was the last work in the said year I didn't forget to drop by at MTS with Elvie...

I was so surprise to see the band playing, there were 10 members!!! when I thought it was only 5... oh wow! totally complete with all the instrument you can ever imagine in a band playing here are the pictures:

and to some reason my camera battery was low (Y_Y) pictures are limited...

A small video I recorded will be posted soon watch out for it
Here is the video (^_^)