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Successful New Year of the Tiger 2010

My Career this year 2009 was a roller coaster ride from having a very positive clients' feedback to accusation of things that I didn't do, but everything went well for the better and I'm happy to welcome the new year of the tiger 2010!

May we all have good health, success and joy-full of blessings from Lord God!



90s Team Eversun Software Phils Corp Christmas Party 2009

Here is the video I recorded for our 90's Team.

We won the 2nd Price (^_^)


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~~~ Template Design

Here we go another template design from Ice9web with the help of Almighty God


Caffeine plus Paracetamol

Does Caffeine and Paracetamol taken together can malign our health?
hmmm... it's a good time to take some research as I have tried the combination of caffeine and paracetamol are very effective in treating pain (headaches or body pains) but there is a real big "BUT" the combination of two chemical can cause liver damage (T_T) here are my research:
Reaching for the paracetamol alongside your morning coffee may be bad for your health, researchers say.

A study indicated that a combination of large quantities of the pain-killer and caffeine appeared to increase the risk of liver damage. Scientists found that caffeine tripled the amount of a toxic by-product created when paracetamol was broken down.

Oh my, I think I shouldn't be taking caffeine and paracetamol combination thank you to my seat-mate and officemate Belle Joy Floreta she keeps on asking what makes it a pain reliever and I researched …

Soccer Website Developing

Literary and Musical Contest of Eversun Software Phils. Corp. at Jack Ridge

Pictures for Literary and Musical Contest of Eversun Software Phils. Corp. at Jack Ridge
Here are the pictures for the said event just click...

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Wicked Website Design

Sport Website Developing

Boat Template Design

Creating my Site Porfolio in Eversun Software Phils

Here I am not so busy with client tasks and Cesar told me to create my own portfolio site hosted in here is the screenshot


Starting with New Client

As of these days I'm waiting for my new client to contact me (^_^)
Hopefully it will be much better than before...

So far he has told me the sites I'm going to make here are the screenshots:


Submit to God from 1 Peter 2:13

My favourite client who has given me Ecommerce website tasks has left me and I have new client these days that is giving me Visual C# tasks, everything is new to me mind bugling and confusing cause the code are totally different from PHP, CSS, XHTML etc...

To add up, I have been having severe headache for the past weeks ever since my close Auntie Caring has died July 31, 2009...

And I think from the my title "Submit to God" is what I only need.
This was our Sunday's topic Bible Study and fellowship.

Submit to the rulers and masters, submit to the authority, I wanted to give up on my recent client now I don't want to submit to what he wants me to do as everything are confusing to me, still God speak to me.

Ephesians 5:21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.
Submit and respect one another for Lord sake. As long as the commands are to do what is right, you have to do it and respect the authority.

Proverbs 24:21 Fear the LORD and the king, my son,
and do not…

Hair Style Tip Store

Here is a screenshot of my finish project in (^_^)


Barn buddy cheat in facebook

Barn buddy is an application in facebook that uses real time flash interactions - all about having a barn/farm, where you can plant vegetables and fruits to earn coins - in return the coins can let you buy fertilizers and seeds to plant again. And you can give harvest (or) help your friends by giving them fruits or removing weeds and bugs at their own barn -

Good side of the game objective? helping your friends as I mentioned above - to earn you additional coins and experience for level up.

But, the bad side of barn buddy is that you can also steal from your friends' barn and earn the coins by selling the stolen fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, I was surprise that when I first started in barn buddy via invitation, my first harvest? almost all has been stolen, I think around more or less than 10 pieces left for me to harvest. And yes at first I thought of "this is just a game"

but on the other side of me is telling "it has a negative influence" but I was ju…

SEO Refresher Course

I'm at the office right now, fortunately Chris Sandberg and Claire Bretana discusses some important points for our SEO Refresher Course and so far these are the topics:

On pages
Off pages
Page Ranks
Trust Rank
Total Link values
Link to the most who have the authority as anytime they link to other sites they can pass the authority too.

Ideal link is the link to own site, Google value site related to own topics.

Do not link to FREE TO ALL LINKS as the link are devalued.

Anchor text - is very important it can be use as keywords.

Relatively few outbound in each pages is good.

Link to pages that has been indexed and ranked.

The value of the link are: SEO, rank, trust = total link value

never link to No follow attribute.

Leverage of content for link building:
Exchange link
Article submission
Guest Blogging / content exchange
Deep Linking
Social Media sites

Creating content use 400 words with unique content never copy paste. Make your content more authority just in case it is being duplicate your content wo…

Who is she - Cyrose Plaza or Victoria Plaza

Ahehe I'm just making my title for this post funny Cyrose Plaza or Victoria Plaza?
Actually she is one of the web developer hired from day one by Eversun Software Philippines Corp. (ESPC)
we were the only two female web developer left at the ESPC office, and now she resigned this leads me the only one female web developer (as in hired as web developer not promoted)...

Here are our pictures... Her last day in Bonifacio office

so did you guess it? who is she then?