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Eversun Software in Bernardo Building New Office

It has been exactly four days now, since we have transfered. Everything is new, the way I will ride the jeeps and atmosphere... I felt like in our place now in Bonifacio St., its like we are really in the CITY!!! cost of living are high not like in Matina where we can spend 40pesos with a very good meal...
I'm not complaining, may be its part of adjustment period... but I want to write here all the comparison in our old and new office.

Tanglish na ulit (^_^)

Transportation... kahit malayo ang Matina believe me I was never late, dito sa new office I was almost late on my first day and today 8:01 ako log in!
pero noon sa Matina pa kami average time are around 7:30 to 7:45 (login) ngayon bakit? anong nangyari! why? because its only Ulas jeep that goes to Bonifacio St. and nothing more...
so if I can't find Ulas jeep? lakad blues ever... naglagay na nga ako ng ankle support kasi as I expected mas madaming lakaran... noon I only walk from our house to sakayan ng Obrero Jeep (medyo malayo din yun) pero after that Obrero jeep pag-baba ko madaming Matina, Bangkal, etc... so madaming Jeeps dumadaan going to Matina... and they will exactly drop you infront of our old office building no more lakaran ever! akyat nalang ng isang stairs dyan na... two jeeps lang ayos na... dito not only do I have to walk from our house to sakayan ng Obrero jeep but also... waaa! yun na!

Lunch time... waaa! ang mahal ng rice dito sa downtown ha (8pesos) ok lang man sana kung mahal basta malaki eh ang liit! mas maliit pa sa rice doon sa Matina kinakainan namin which is only 6 or 7 pesos... I really felt we are in the CITY na... imagine magpila ka pili ng food then pila na fud when you pay sa food hayzzz daming kumakain eh (Y_Y)

My work station
bbbrrr! sa old office I was only avoiding one AirCon here in our new office its four as in apat siya na aircon nakatapat sa akin! bbbrrr! because my work station was situated in the middle of the entire floor so all the airCons surrounded bagsak sa akin! imagine mo nalang bbbrrr!
its so cold that I can't even think what I'm going to do for the day... all I can think about is finding a place where I can exhaust the chills in my body... in short... lakad ako dito ... walk going to the pantry... walk going to the rest room ... walk walk walk... when I got to my work station? FaceBook and blogging nalang, I really can't think of things to do bbbrrr...

I already requested for transfer of my work station... hopefully it will be granted.

Well let see the positive naman baka maya you will think I only see the negative eh...
for the positive...

hmmm... since we are all situated in one floor (not like before in our old office 1st and 3rd floor) I'm getting to familiarize all our fellow officemates...

and the new office is absolutely BIG and HUGE... so during meeting time madaming place where we can talk privately example if an admin wants to talk with us agents... at meron narin Training Room (oh diba bonga! kung baga meron nang nursery station sa mga new agents bago isasabak sa mga nakakalitong clients!(^_^)

not like before kami mga pioneering employees wahahaha!
anong training? that was only "a status" but there was really NO training sabak kagad sa client, without any knowledge "what you are going to do" basta yun na yun... matira matibay kung hindi mo alam how to handle a client and find ways how to do your tasks... patay end of contract! means resign.

in our new office compare sa old office? in my own opinion, I still like our old office even if its very far from our house... I can manage and organize my time very well pero sa walking chuvaness waaa!

sige lang... like I said "I'm still adjusting" my body will compensate all these walking distance and I will develop more stamina and strength to overcome all these physical pressures "I'm perspiring from walking and when you arrive at the office my work station is surrounded by four AirCons waaa!". sana ma transfer na ako ASAP!

But still I missed our meals in Matina! (Y_Y) may mga videos nga kami when we eat our lunch, someone requested never to publish it kaya I can't post nor upload it on any of my blogs I will keep my promise... pinakita ko sa kanila ulit... natawa sila... maka-miss... all the affordable and delicious food... huhuhu!



  1. Hi Aice,

    I emphathize with you. I thought na mas enjoy ka kasi malapit-lapit na sa inyo. Hopefully, all the walking will make your legs stronger.

    Have a happy happy day

    Babet Insong

  2. Hi Tita Beth,

    My work station at the moment has been transfered nan dito na ako sa hindi mashadong malamig na part linya nila Cyrose banda...
    and yes thank you for understand hopefully I'm developing more muscles to overcome those walking chuvaness (^_^)


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