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Registered mail from Nokia 2680

I received a registered mail from Nokia last Friday, November 21, 2008... it was the follow up proof that I have really won the Nokia 2680 slide

The Newspaper post:

The registered mail from Nokia:

I will be claiming it either tomorrow or tuesday (^_^)

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Twitter Badge

This task was given to me long time ago, but since my client told me its not that important I didn't look further to find solutions in the previous twitter badge plugin that is not working.

Another twitter badge was found and this time it works very well...

All you have to do is to customize according to your suite of taste.
Graphics and color combinations.

Here is a screen shot of my made twitter badge for my client

and Here is the link where you can customize your Twitter Badge


I won Nokia 2680 Slide

Just today around 11:00am in our office... my cellphone rang and it was from Nokia Philippines but its number was a Globe sim...
I was hesitant when a lady (named Anne) told me "congratulations you have won the Nokia 2680 slide!"

I said "ahihihi are you sure?" and she asked me details like "complete name and address?"
syempre hindi ko binigay! I replied "if you have the details of my registration how come you are asking me these information?"

She said "you still didn't believe me that you have won Ms. Lahora"
I explained why should I when a stranger just ring my phone and asked me personal details and telling me I won why should I believe? of course not!

(wahahaha! nanalo nga ako?!)

and She said all the details from her computer (on my registration) she also explained that she is just verifying if I'm really the person she wanted to talk to...(^_^)

as confirmed she said a registered mail will arrive in the address I speci…

Eversun Software in Bernardo Building New Office

It has been exactly four days now, since we have transfered. Everything is new, the way I will ride the jeeps and atmosphere... I felt like in our place now in Bonifacio St., its like we are really in the CITY!!! cost of living are high not like in Matina where we can spend 40pesos with a very good meal...
I'm not complaining, may be its part of adjustment period... but I want to write here all the comparison in our old and new office.

Tanglish na ulit (^_^)

Transportation... kahit malayo ang Matina believe me I was never late, dito sa new office I was almost late on my first day and today 8:01 ako log in!
pero noon sa Matina pa kami average time are around 7:30 to 7:45 (login) ngayon bakit? anong nangyari! why? because its only Ulas jeep that goes to Bonifacio St. and nothing more...
so if I can't find Ulas jeep? lakad blues ever... naglagay na nga ako ng ankle support kasi as I expected mas madaming lakaran... noon I only walk from our house to sakayan ng Obrero Jeep (medyo mal…