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Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Today is the birthday of Venice Marie Quiñon
I remember last year of the same date October 6, 2007 around 7:00am, I received text from Cesar Noel Quiñon saying "nanganak na missis ko babae siya" the thought was something like that... that time I just finish the night shift as part time PM and agent, returning the office keys to Ma'am Merju's appartment (kasama ko pa si Melissa Dalmacio and Marites Hervas)... and so that was the reason I put Oct. 6 at my greetings' card instead of yesterday's celebration.

I never saw Venice Marie Quiñon (ala eh wala man ko sa binyag) but yesterday Oct. 5 celebration at Grand Menseng Hotel not only did I saw Venice Marie Quiñon but the rest of the family...

Here are the pictures:

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
venice marie quiñon family
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

I arrived at Grand Menseng Hotel around 1:30pm (so early ha!) kasi kasi kasi...
after church we went to lunch with some Bible study friends then I went straight to the said venue... oh I was surprise may kilala ako?! yung sa front desk she was a good childhood friend (of my sister) her name is Magsy Golosino here's a stolen shot of her (ssshhh wag kayo maingay)
magsy golosino
magsy golosino
magsy golosino

Then after 5mins. I text Cesar I'm already at Grand Menseng Hotel and told him why I was so early... around 1:45pm dumating narin sila Venice Marie eto yung first camera shot
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

I gave my gift it was a hello kitty terno dress (yan kasi hilig ko na branded items medyo pricey pero ok lang hindi naman palagi) wrap in show white b-day bag and sleeping beauty greetings' card (sayang I forgot to take a picture of it)

Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday
Venice Marie Quiñon 1st Birthday

Here are our videos at the party:

Anyway, after the party me James and Aubrey decided to go at Gmall...
Aubrey and I bought some stuff in grocery and accidentally we saw Chattee yeah it was Katherine Lara after grocery we thought of watching movie (^_^)



  1. sayang i was there at the same venue for my fathers birthday nung October 4. we where a day early sa party nyo. sayang talaga. because we rented the whole place para sa celebration. sayang walang tao. ehehehehe atik lng oi. bring haus na lng unta aice. huhuhuhuh. any ways happy bertday na to you baby!

  2. Oi! unhan pa gyud ko waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. jigs,

    naks yeah sayang (^_^) joke...

    waaa kahapon ko lang yan na post una ka ata (^_^)

  4. Wow this is a very nice celebration. Celebrating a birthday is another gift from God to us that we are here for another healthy years in our life. I almost remember my first birthday that I was very small and no one can recognize me. Even me that I can't recognize myself in my birthday pic. hehe. I was very happy that I have a cake and a candle to blow but I don't know how to blow you my parents did it for me. Anyway happy birthday to ceasar's cute baby gurl. I wish you more happiness and health to go on fight on life's struggles. I hope and we hope that we will be in the scene for the next year's birthday kidding. ahmn. this is a very good post miss ice lahora. I like the aura of the videos and pics. Very calm and stunning event that worth posting.

    I like your pose. YOu were all pretty and nice. Aubrey was there so it is all going fabulous. Wow.hehe. Also the girl in the front desk is pretty. I also like her pose and her name (Magsy Golosino). Her name is also unique. hehe. I hope and we hope to know her better in the future. hekhek.joke.

    Therefore I conclude that the post is brilliant! Good Job Ice Lahora.

  5. Ronald,

    thank you so very big!
    your comment is indeed very big (^_^)
    maraming salamat
    I also hope you were there but you were not (^_^)


  6. nice aice .. naa lageh akong nawong sa pics ?? ngano na a akong nawong ? gi singit nimo ?? pero nice pagka edit bah jowk .. hehhee

  7. James Roy,
    alangan naa kay isa ka baya sa Actor ang bida na artista (^_^)


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