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Despedida Eat All You Can

We were surprise in our nearby "karinderia" may buffet table full of foods (^_^) at sabi ng may-ari na Eat all you can for Eversun employees daw weeeiii! for only 50pesos with all the desserts and fruits yummy here are our pictures...

Despedida Eat All You Can

Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

At siya po ang dahilan sa treat na eto (^_^) maraming salamat Ate Baby!
Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

sarap talaga ano sige inom pa kayo wag mahiya (^_^) baka maya hindi kayo matunawan! (^_^)
Eversun Software Phils, Despedida Eat All You Can

We the day shifts agents were the last to have a work here in our original first office at Diamond building mamayang exactly 6:00pm hindi mamaya, sorry akala ko Friday na ngyaon Thursday pa pala... sorry po ahihihih bale tomorrow Friday 6:00pm all the computers will be pack to be transfered in the new office at 3rd floor of Bernardo Building, Bonifacio St.

So babye na Diamond building (Y_Y) huhuhu!

Welcome Bernardo Building (^_^)

weeeiii! malapit na sa Obrero means I do not have to wake up that early! (^_^)

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  1. wow lingawa ana uie eat all you can man jud, sayanga uy wla ko nkaapil da tsk tsk, ad2on nako c ante baby ugma basig pwede pa ko mohabol sa despedida na kaon hehe ^_^

  2. wow sarap .. sayang hinde na ako day shift wahihihihi .. naa pa last tomorrow ? Pa utang ice beh

  3. Lemon,
    lagi sayang kaayo wala man mo oi (Y_Y)

    wahahah anong utangin mo?
    sayang wala man pud ka nagising para mukaon (Y_Y)


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