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Matt Mullenweg WordCamp in Davao City Philippines

Matt Mullenweg WordCamp in Davao City Philippines

September 4, 2008:

WordCamp in Davao City Philippines

One of my most memorable moment, the WordCamp here in our City and I unexpectedly won a shirt (^_^)

(My Shirt shot was outside our office on the next day sinuot ko para lang ma picturan (^_^)
Matt Mullenweg WordCamp in Davao City PhilippinesI was with my friends officemates namely MaryDane, Henry, Dante we log off around 5:00pm and I was very excited... we rode a jeep (hindi mukhang excited noh nag jeep lang) not taxi tapos traffic pa gyud as in... pagdating namin sa claveria Dane said, "sana nag taxi nalang tayo" sabi ko "lagi lampas na 6pm bah" Dante replied "sige lang muabot lang bitaw gyapon ta (^_^)"
So anyway ayon nasa Palm Vill. na kami, I know how to go at Palm Village kasi Obrero lang man din yan but I really don't know the exact place of that Brian's Grill (never been there) nakarating kami around 6:30pm na... I saw Hunee first and said "Hi" ayon nag kita kami doon nila Cesar then it was raining.. then nag pili kami upoan.

We were given a wordpress bag for the early birds (^_^)

to know more about our experiences in WordCamp Davao you can check out this post

I have manage to ask Matt Mullenweg about my problems in WordPress plugins I'm encountering these days and he had explained very well (^_^)
see you on the next wordCamp

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  1. what a great experience it has been ^_^

  2. Aice ako na lng nang teeshirt nimo beh. ehehehehe. ayus nga picture. naa mi nag tan-aw ana sa imoha ba. heheheh. sayang wala ko sa WC naa pod unta koy shirt. nice. :P

  3. wow. nice t-shirt ha.,.. gift mo nlng sa akin yan.. early gift for xmas.. wahhahaha

  4. lemon,
    yeah very nice experience eat all you can pa gyud (^_^)

    uu nga nagtingin kayo (^_^) ganda Tshirt noh... dili man ni mukasya nimo (^_^)

    yeah nice gyud un Tshirt (^_^) sayang sama ka sana sa amin para meron ka din... (^_^)

  5. sana makita ko si matt ulit (^_^)


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