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Eversun Software Phils. Corp: Diagnostic Test

Whew! . . . was my expression, in the middle of the exam up to the ending. . . Whew!

I woke up 4:00am and got up in bed around 4:30am take a bath and had breakfast. . . in the early morning of Sunday, September 14, 2008 the streets are cleared walang mashadong jeepneys so no traffic (^_^) and so I arrived in the office around 7:11am . . .

I was surprise to see my officemates are outside the office, I thought “maybe we were so early that the office is still closed?” . . . so I sat in the waiting shed (across the street in front of our office), kasi naman they were all standing outside: Henry Ticong, MaryDane Masinadiong, Revero Dante Basalan, Dennis Ruiz, Micheal Yap, Oliver John . . .
As I was sitting, I read some MySQL syntax for review. . . then after awhile I decided to join them here’s our video. . .

Anyway, I wanted to get some hot drink, an Oatmeal hot drink, so I got inside the office first and notice there was an attendance sheet in front desk, I asked if this is for us to sign and they said yes, so I sign up. . .
I was thinking of telling my officemates outside but Cesar said “bawal pa pumasok” I replied “sige pwede mag-drink lang ko ng init” he replied “sige ok”

Eversun Software Phils Corp Diagnostic TestAfter awhile finished setting up the computers, I asked Ma’am Net if we can let those who are waiting outside to come in, since they are more earlier than me I bet they also need some hot drinks or fix themselves etc. . . Ma’am Net told Ms. Ivy so let them in and so we joined in the pantry (^_^)

Here are the videos before the exam not in the pantry but while waiting for the go signal to start:

Until such. . . the time we were waiting for, the examination to begin, the multiple choice test are ok, there are some that I only choose what I think is right hula-hula kung baga
<br />Eversun Software Phils Corp Diagnostic Test
Eversun Software Phils Corp Diagnostic TestBut for the project test: waaa! I was so surprise I never expected something like that, it was way beyond my expectations, it was a combination of MySQL, JavaScript and PHP to make that project work right away huhuhu! I’m not into that kind of tasks these days I’m more in to web-master tasks like re-resigning the graphics template in Wordpress and PHP upgrading the environment of wordpress and matching all plugins, modifying the plugins, etc. . . and also blogging. . . so I’m more into PHP, combining with XHTML, CSS, XML than having a tasks of combining PHP with MySQL and JavaScripts. . .
Waa! I have to totally recall my web developer self study training in MySQL PHP and JavaScript (to think basics ang alam ko sa JavaScript at MySQL). . . I did my best in making that project work at least matching some of expected results but time pressured and nag brown-out pa gyud! I lost all, my mind was mentally blocked. Grrr! Sige nalang hindi naman ako nagiisa kung mabagsak ng exam. Anyway, this examination is for me to know where my weaknesses are and to encourage me in keep on learning.

God will give me the blessings I needed. so either I passed or failed I know God is with me, it is not at all or everything are about in this examination, it is how I keep my faith in God.

yan nalang palagi ko iniisip. Kapoyan na ako sige isip sa exams eh

After the examination I spent time with my seatmates before at night shift namely Ivan, Michael, Odrale, and officemates Amylyn, Mylene, Majar. . . we ate at Mandarin in SM since Banoks were already closed.

So ayan! Ang examination ay tapos na. . . Move on na!

But still I have to polish my programming skills. . . hmmm pano ba yan kahit hindi ko ginagawa sa tasks ko ngayon dapat talaga mag-aral ng mag-aral never stop learning.



  1. mabuti kapa aice naka gising ng maaga.ako di ko na take ang ibang part ng exam dahil ako ang dakilang late. congrats at more power. wahihi.

  2. I hate diagnostic exams, especially the time-pressured ones, I really can't concentrate when there's tick-tock sound on my back, hehe.

    But what can I do? That's life... we need to take these diagnostic test to improve the areas of our weaknesses. I work as a content writer and my work is not so complicated than yours but until now, I don't know if I am a good content writer or not, geez. Sometimes, I just feel suck as a content writer and I don't really know why.

    Perhaps, mysteries are all part of the game of life. We need to have doubts in order to improve ourselves and whether we failed or passed these diagnostic or intelligence tests, what matters most is we never say never to it and we outplay it no matter what it takes.

    Good luck to us!

  3. that's life Aice..

    hahayz.. ako nga LB pero sa copy paste lang ako magaling..

    ahehehe nahirapan talaga ako sa diagnostic Test..kunsabagay.. ala namang pagsusulit na madali eh..

    na challenge talaga ako ng sobra ngunit 90% sure bagsak ako.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P


  4. jigs,
    sa sobrang excited mao gising dayon! (^_^)

    survivor dean,
    ok lang yun at least we know where our weaknesses are

  5. jean,
    time pressure kasi sige lang ok lang yun wala naman demotion in case we fail diba (^_^)


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