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The day before 911

eversun software phils corp davao branchToday is September 10, 2008 it's the day before 911 or September 11... the most memorable date in history...
Anyway, my topic is not about the historical event but rather bout my life the day before 911 of 2008

Outside the office building
is the highway with blue sky
and the mountains are visible...

Sometimes it makes me think...
life is really like a highway... like this picture...
hindi maiiwasan ang pagsubok mountains ahead of us symbolize problems and obstacles... but if we look up (in the Lord God) you will see that He is watching us with clear blue sky and eternal life can be achieve if we stay tough.

Last night (nang sumakay ako ng jeep pauwi) there were so many thoughts in my mind... bakit nga bah I really don't feel like someone really cares for me... or may hindi ko lang naramdaman kasi all I can see are yung officemate na sobrang magreklamo etc... daming salita ... then all of the sudden... there was this jeep in front of me ... with the sign "Jesus Cares for you" I was really shock! I can't believe my eyes of what I'm seeing...

So this morning I said kung sino mauna sa office picturan ko (^_^)
here are the shots of my officemates the early birds

The day before 911

The day before 911

The day before 911

The day before 911

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  1. very nice, ayos pod ang nagpic aning kitang duha aice ky gikuha jud ang business plate. what a shot! hahaha ^_^

  2. kuyawa sa mga nawon namo dri oi. ehehehe
    mura man og mga artista. ayus kaayo nga mga pics. si ronald oh gigutom na jud. =)) c eric grabig ngisi. early birds catches the worms.

  3. Wow early bird diay mi.hehehe.way klaro ni si ice gitira man ko sa piktyur.tsk tsk tsk. cge lang ok ra na.haha.kay gi bawi ni jigs ug eric ang smile. nganu wala man istorya kay darlyn ice.:-?

  4. wow nice apil lagi si darlyn???hehehe....nganu wala may story kay darlyn...ikaw ice ha pabor pabor..hehehe...juks.....nice inyoha picture ni ronald....hehehe

    Hala Eric ug Jigs smile gyud ha...baka makuha mo model dong..hahaha....muah

  5. Lemon,
    yeah nice shots (^_^)

    wala man gud ka kabantay mao (^_^) actor kaayo ka ai

    ambot nimo! (^_^) joke ra bitaw
    ai walang salita kay Darlyn kasi wala akong maisip (^_^)

    naapil si Darlyn kay ganahan man ko magkuha2x pics ... wala siya'y estorya kay waz gyud ko maisip ai (^_^) dili na pabor2x oist (^_^)

  6. I like the first photo... kc naging background ang blue clouds (peace and calm background). plus ang main focus is a moving car. A little reminder of my photography subject during my college days.

    I feel comfortable taking photos than being a subject.

    BTW, Jesus really cares for you. No doubt.

  7. Darlyn,
    Jesus cares for all of us (^_^)
    maraming salamat sa comment
    magpaturo ako magpa picture sa iyo (^_^)

  8. :)

    Yes Jesus cares.

    And I'm sure a good number of people do, including me.

    You are exemplary. Unlike most, you try and see through the overlying facade to gain an insight on the true nature of each person. Though you may not be aware... by just being the simplest you, you are igniting the truest sort of friendship.

    And I thank you for that.


  9. Thank you so much Aweng,
    so touching naman un comment mo (^_^) salamat poh!


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