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Manual BackLinks Checking

I was very happy to know that three of my "ka-tropa" office mates have made it to PR3 (^_^) namely Pagtuki, Salted Bukayo and Your Kind of Blog

weeiii!!! nice kaayo noh (^_^) and So I changed the Ex-links from "More cool Links" page to my main page blogroll "Nice Cool Links" because they have meet the standard of Ice 9 Web blogroll.

I hope you guys will keep it up, just remember some of the tiny pointers I shared (^_^)

remember keep it up else you be back on my "More Cool Links" page (Y_Y)


Early Bird in Monday Morning

This is the scene I saw being an early bird (^_^) on a Monday Morning of September 15, 2008

yun lang masasabi ko wala na nagmamadali ako ngayon eh gusto ko na umuwi (^_^)
ah today is one of the lucky day kasi kasi kasi
na solve ko na un problema sa FAlbum (^_^) Gallery yey!!!
that's all folks (^_^)


Plurk TimeLine

Eversun Software Phils. Corp: Diagnostic Test

Whew! . . . was my expression, in the middle of the exam up to the ending. . . Whew!

I woke up 4:00am and got up in bed around 4:30am take a bath and had breakfast. . . in the early morning of Sunday, September 14, 2008 the streets are cleared walang mashadong jeepneys so no traffic (^_^) and so I arrived in the office around 7:11am . . .

I was surprise to see my officemates are outside the office, I thought “maybe we were so early that the office is still closed?” . . . so I sat in the waiting shed (across the street in front of our office), kasi naman they were all standing outside: Henry Ticong, MaryDane Masinadiong, Revero Dante Basalan, Dennis Ruiz, Micheal Yap, Oliver John . . .
As I was sitting, I read some MySQL syntax for review. . . then after awhile I decided to join them here’s our video. . .

Anyway, I wanted to get some hot drink, an Oatmeal hot drink, so I got inside the office first and notice there was an attendance sheet in front desk, I asked if this is for us to s…

The day before 911

Today is September 10, 2008 it's the day before 911 or September 11... the most memorable date in history...
Anyway, my topic is not about the historical event but rather bout my life the day before 911 of 2008

Outside the office building
is the highway with blue sky
and the mountains are visible...

Sometimes it makes me think...
life is really like a highway... like this picture...
hindi maiiwasan ang pagsubok mountains ahead of us symbolize problems and obstacles... but if we look up (in the Lord God) you will see that He is watching us with clear blue sky and eternal life can be achieve if we stay tough.

Last night (nang sumakay ako ng jeep pauwi) there were so many thoughts in my mind... bakit nga bah I really don't feel like someone really cares for me... or may hindi ko lang naramdaman kasi all I can see are yung officemate na sobrang magreklamo etc... daming salita ... then all of the sudden... there was this jeep in front of me ... with the sign "Jesus Cares for you&quo…

Matt Mullenweg WordCamp in Davao City Philippines

September 4, 2008:

WordCamp in Davao City Philippines
One of my most memorable moment, the WordCamp here in our City and I unexpectedly won a shirt (^_^)

(My Shirt shot was outside our office on the next day sinuot ko para lang ma picturan (^_^)
I was with my friends officemates namely MaryDane, Henry, Dante we log off around 5:00pm and I was very excited... we rode a jeep (hindi mukhang excited noh nag jeep lang) not taxi tapos traffic pa gyud as in... pagdating namin sa claveria Dane said, "sana nag taxi nalang tayo" sabi ko "lagi lampas na 6pm bah" Dante replied "sige lang muabot lang bitaw gyapon ta (^_^)"
So anyway ayon nasa Palm Vill. na kami, I know how to go at Palm Village kasi Obrero lang man din yan but I really don't know the exact place of that Brian's Grill (never been there) nakarating kami around 6:30pm na... I saw Hunee first and said "Hi" ayon nag kita kami doon nila Cesar then it was raining.. then nag pili kami upoan.

We w…