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Blogroll Appeared in Wordpress K2 Template

I have manage to let the blogroll appeared in K2 Template of Wordpress that doesn't support the link page here is the screenshot...

the source of my codes are in


Gregory Goes There Header change

These was the reply over my client

Thanks, Isis - A couple of items:
- Banner - need to change the Swoosh under the Gregory logo, looks too much like Nike.
- Banner - Remove "Legendary Packs..." panel.
- Can we put the blogroll as one of the pages/tabs
- Are there other options for the headline and style of info under the headline.

read on click continue reading ^_^

so I made another adjustments on the header again and again

here is the screenshot

I just didn't understand very much about the headline thing? hmmm may be I will concentrate on that coming Monday

oh well Friday! weeiii I'm going movie with an officemate ^_^ we'll be watching Iron Man

have a nice weekend everyone!


K2 Wordpress Design,

Last week I was told to make a 3-columns design for (wordpress) so here is my screen shot for the 3-columns with transparent content body and header

Now, this week his mind change again he doesn't want the 3-columns and transparent content, He wanted a 2-columns design and get the images on the other site so here is the screenshot again
I hope he will not change his mind this time T_T its really not that easy to always modify the multiple CSS of K2


SideBar Banner Design for Gregory Goes There

Well today I designed a sidebar banner for Gregory Goes There hmmm... here are the screenshots...


Gregory Goes There K2 Template Design

Another template design using the K2 Themes for Gregory Goes There blog of my client with Random Header T_T waaa ang hirap kasi k2 is using their own Multi-CSS here are the screen shots