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USFreeads Another Ads Made

Another ads created hopefully this will be approved... here is the screen shot...


USFreeads Premium Member Account

My task yesterday was about USFreeAds my client have a premium account... its making an ads using that site, as I was exploring it on how to use it and unfortunately there were so many chat messages in yahoo which I can easily ignored because I didn't set yahoo...
to pop its window in front of me even the buzz tone was off... nakakainis noh! kapa-kapa kana dami pang estorbo I already told to some that I'm very busy chat later ...waaaaaa mas lalo pa nag sige tanong2x... and to top it all, every time they chat and kept on sending messages, the video tutorial would stop and cutting of the sound... waaaaaaaaaa anyway I manage to made an ads but it this morning I found out it was disapproved T_T yan kasi kasi kasi

hopefully things will get better today than yesterday.

Isis' Insights

Another blog has been launched by Aice Nice Concepts / called Isis' Insights what are the topics on this blog?...Well let's see for ourselves So far the point of this blog was to experiment in modifying blogger templates to make it look like wordpress ^_^ or website.

Anyway, the main purpose is to keep this blog very very very NEAT not like the Aice Nice Concepts where there are so many ads in all areas of the site ^_^ weeeiii! kaya PR 4 yan kasi kasi kasi...

So, Now tell me what you think?

Fat Loss for Idiots

Another site, FatLoss4Idiots that I started yesterday still in the making not yet finish, but the site is up and alive now... will have to add more contents and also change the header and color combination.

Nga pala I want to greet JehzLau for his SEOContest2008 I wish you good luck in that SEOContest2008 ^_^ that came from planet SEOContest2008 with the president named SEOContest2008 hay what else do they have the Queen named SEOContest2008 lady? and a daughter named SEOContest2008 ano ba yan ang dami nang links ^_^ weeeiiii SEOContest2008 the Best from JehzLau Concepts

Directory Submission, Article Submission

Softwares for Directory Submission and Article Submission most of them do not run in limited account at Xp that last Thursday I really lost my temper because somebody turned my account from admin to limited T_T it really doesn't help at all but delayed my morning tasks.

Anyway, it was good thing my close friends office was there to chat me and told me to cool down don't let emotions take you away ^_^ thanks Cesar!

hmmm so far I have cope up with my usual tasks specially in Squidoo (mga pusit) sobrang daming pusit

waaaa malapit na nga ako malito sa links nila eh pero I manage naman ^_^

Now if you notice this blog is much looking good than my Aice Nice Concepts kasi po I really can't figure out why I can't seem to change the template in that blog but I have manage to make a new one hay basta will still figure it out...

Anyway, CHINESE NEW YEAR'S ALMOST NEAR the color for the year of the Rat is Green now you know why I chose GREEN theme motif.