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Record of Websites, Wordpress Blogs and Squidoo

Since my current client is an Internet Marketer they have to hire someone with web developing and SEO skills (waaaaa kaya pala ako binigay ng company namin kasi all around ako eh)
so far eto pa lang un nagagawa

JV WebHosting yup meron na akong maliit na host from my client ^_^
PSP Games this site I disect the CSS codes and inject what they wanted on every layout
Wordpress Videos Tutorials
Credit Cards
Rockwell Day Trading Coach
Black Credit Card
Credit Card Monitor
Credit Repair
Credit Card Guide
Coolest ZuneEmpire
How to Get Grants
Photoshops ActionsScript
Investigate Your Neighbor
Building Professional Website
Grand Writing Reviews
Asperger Syndrome

hala sige more to come update ko lang post ko dito for all the sites

email for the record